CARNAVAL 2013 at PACHA (Ofir, Portugal)


Next Saturday Feb 9th, Carlos Manaça is playing on “CARNAVAL 2013” at PACHA (Ofir, Portugal), a big event with 6 different areas, a “Carnival Mask Contest” and much more.

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Carlos Manaça vai estar no grande evento de “CARNAVAL 2013” no PACHA (Ofir), no proximo Sábado 9 de Fevereiro.
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During December, Carlos Manaca will have 3 new releases coming out. Two original releases and one remix pack.

The first one is “Coming To Chicago” (MAGNA 056D) a deep Tech House original release on MAGNA RECORDINGS.

On BAMBOO MUSIC releases “Back To Work” EP (BA 071), a two-track release. “Back To Work” is a peak time track, with a strong speech, while “Can’t Remember” is a deep-house original track.

On BEAT THERAPY RECORDS releases “The Tribal Rhythm” Remixes, a classic Tribal release by Canadian D-Unity that was charted all over the globe, when first released in 2008.